We’re accelerating with MassChallenge UK 2016!

mama.codes Founders Luci Hindmarsh, Alice Thompson and Liane Katz, MassChallenge UK,

Doing our best to look nonchalant ahead of our MassChallenge pitch

Well, we have some exciting news to share with the mama.codes community… mama.codes is officially part of MassChallenge UK 2016, or in Twitter speak #MCStartups16.

So what is MassChallenge?

MassChallenge UK 2016 Alumni Badges-UK

MassChallenge is an accelerator program that supports high-impact early stage startup businesses like mama.codes and connects us with mentors and partners during a four month accelerator programme in our home town of London.

Over 1000 startups applied and pitched to be part of the programme and mama.codes is one of the lucky 100 to be selected. HOW CHUFFED ARE WE?!!!! (Clue:- extremely).

mama.codes is accelerating

We are so excited that from a seed of an idea (read our story here) that started with us teaching our own kids how to code, we are able to share our creative coding projects with a wider and wider audience of fellow parents, teachers and most importantly kids.

We couldn’t have done it without a sea of support from friends and family, especially our super cool, super supportive unofficial mama.codes mentors, Sarah Wood, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Unruly and Justine Roberts, Founder and CEO of Mumsnet, two inspirational business women who are always ready to lend an ear and give a word of encouragement.

And a special mention to the CarrKamasa Design, our TechCity-Side creative comms agency who created the mama.codes branding and website and continue to go above and beyond meeting our sometimes ridiculous (but there’s method in our madness, honest guv) requests.

It’s all about MassChallenge UK 2016

We’d also love to give a massive shout out to our fellow 99 startups who will be alongside us on the programme, you can check out a list of them here.

We cannot wait to get started….

Be part of our journey as we step up to the MassChallenge. Follow us on Twitter@mamacodes and Facebook and of course, if you’ve got kids (aged 3+) and you want to turn their screen time into something creative… sign up to mama.codes and get coding!