Recommends: Best coding and STEM gifts

Here at, we believe that there is always time for learning through play. With Christmas around the corner, we have curated our favourite STEM and coding-inspired gifts for kids, to help our engaged community of enthusiastic parents find great and educational gifts for their children, nieces, nephews and friends!

1. My Gator Watch

A Wearable Phone with GPS tracker for Kids aged 5-12, who are too young for smartphones but want some independence.

The watch allows calls and voice messages to a whitelist of phone numbers (Mum, Dad, Granny…) with an accompanying app that shows the wearer’s location, and an SOS feature that calls several of their closest contacts at the touch of a button.

My Gator Watch children's phone watch and tracker

2. Tech Will Save Us Maker Kits

Light Racer Kit

We just love Tech Will Save Us’s creative lighthearted maker kits. The Light Racer allows you to build your own bike lights that flash as you ride! Learn about capacitors, wireless coils and get to grips with the extraordinary power of wireless technology. Learn how wireless electricity works, use capacitors, led lights and learn how simple components come together to capture electricity through the air.

Tech Will Save Us Light Racer Kit

Creative Coder Kit

Use the Creative Coder to program a children’s wearable device using a simple block-based coding language. An easy-to-learn coding toy that can program endless games which interact with the device causing it to blink, light up and wiggle when you move.

Tech Will Save Us Creative Coder Kit

Solar Plant Kit

Build a solar-powered sensor that lights up when your plant needs water. Learn about solar power. Make circuits. Get messy with plaster-of-Paris!

Thirsty Plant Kit

3. Robotix

Little Inventor

Your children can independently build robotic models using bricks along with our smart motors and bring them to life using our wireless playpad controller. The Little Inventor kit is also compatible with Duplo®, Morphun®, Mega® and Lego® bricks.

Playbits Mynd Works

Use your mathematical skills to solve secret codes, respond to Yes / No trivia questions and test your memory skills. Playbits Mynd Works will give your child the basics of coding knowledge to get them future ready!

4. Learn with Ojo

Ojo – Toys for future innovators!
They are STREAM (Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Arts, Math) game specialists.
Their mission is to enrich families and provide “A Smarter Way to Play” by inspiring learning through open-ended play through fun games and toys.

Learn with Ojo have given readers an amazing 15% off their products!! Don’t waste any time in bagging yourself some great STREAM related toys and games for your loved ones.

5. Coding Books

These are some of our favourite coding books that we use with our own families!

Computer Coding for Kids: A Unique Step-by-Step Visual Guide, from Binary Code to Building Games

My First Coding Book: Packed with Flaps and Lots More to Help you Code without a Computer!

Baby Loves Coding! (Baby Loves Science)

The Savvy Cyber Kids At Home: The Family Gets A Computer

The Savvy Cyber Kids at Home: The Defeat of the Cyber Bully

The Savvy Cyber Kids at Home: Adventures Beyond the Screen

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