Questions? We love questions!

How Can I Help?

We’ve answered a few common questions below – but we love hearing from you directly, via the Contact Us tab in the bottom right of the screen.

      • We ask you to register for a free account so we can give you the most relevant support as you learn to code. We also save your courses and projects on your very own “My Stuff” page and log you back in automatically.

        When you sign up, you’ll get a free course of beginner projects to build your family’s coding confidence. Plus plenty of tips and encouragement from our team of coding mums!

        There is no subscription fee and all purchases are optional.

        We only ask for your name and email address and have a strict privacy policy.

      • You just need a tablet or Chromebook laptop, a mama.codes account and a free coding app called ScratchJr.

        You don’t need any previous coding experience and children do not need to read to code our projects.

        What to do:

        * Download ScratchJr from the App Store or Google Play

        * Register for a free mama.codes account

        * Choose a fun mama.codes project on your My Stuff page

        * Follow the project instructions on a phone/computer, or print them out

        * Code the project on your tablet/Chromebook

        Compatible tablets are: iPad 2 and later, including iPad minis, or Android tablets of 7+ inches running KitKat 4.4 or higher, including Tesco Hudl.

        We have separate Educator materials available – more information http://educator.mama.codes.

      • Both!

        Learning to code and create together is great fun – and a brilliant alternative to “non-thinking” screentime.

        But as busy parents ourselves, we know how hectic life can be!

        So we’ve filled mama.codes with totally NO prep activities. You can sit down with your kids, pick a project and GO!

        Children aged 6+ can often follow our project instructions on their own – on a second screen or printed out. Younger coders will need your help to get started.

        A grown-up should register for a free mama.codes account and log in, then children can our safe, ad-free website to choose projects to code.

        Children should not register for their own accounts.

      • There is no formal relationship between mama.codes and the ScratchJr team.

        We are happy to promote the excellent free ScratchJr coding app, which we think is a great introduction to coding for anyone aged aged 3+

        The team at ScratchJr is aware and supportive of our work.

      • We take children’s online safety very seriously.

        There are no ads, forums or public profiles on mama.codes and we only store account holder’s names and email addresses. Coding in the ScratchJr app can be done offline.

        So go ahead and sign up for a free account. Your child can then browse our safe, ad-free website to choose projects to code.

      • No – it’s free to sign up and try our 4 free beginner coding projects.

        If you enjoy those, you can purchase more projects designed to keep your family busy and build fluency with code.

        We are currently re-organising our family coding projects – please get in touch if you’d like to be a beta tester for some new formats.