Kingston & Surbiton

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Meet Your Local Team

Felicity Gracie-Herst, Rep

I wrote my first computer program at age 5 but never thought of it as a career until a mentor convinced me tech careers could be creative! This led to studying computer science at university and eventually working in the video games industry. Over the past 12 years I’ve developed games and apps for mobile phones, game consoles and virtual reality! When I went on maternity leave with my second daughter in 2018 I wanted to keep working flexibly in STEM – was the perfect fit.

Liane Katz, Co-Founder of & Rep

Liane is Co-Founder and CEO of She founded because she was determined that her kids should learn to code, especially her then 6 year old daughter. She has 18 years’ experience in digital industries and loves seeing code club children have their lightbulb moment, when they discover they can code anything they can imagine.

Claire Dubarbier, Tutor

I’m a primary teacher by trade. I first became interested in coding in 2016 when I attended a talk given by CEO and founder Liane Katz. It was like entering a brave new world – I came out excited and determined to learn more about coding and the new Computer Science curriculum. I spent a year skilling-up before going on maternity leave with my second child. Keen to keep learning, I decided to look into the possibility of teaching some local coding classes. I was delighted to learn that were recruiting and soon joined the team.